A Growing Thought

seedA seed, when planted in the ground and given the right soil and weather conditions, will take root into the ground and start to grow. The first thing the little seed will do is start growing a tiny little root at the bottom. A small stem on the top will start to poke through the ground, maybe even bearing two small, bright green leaves. Year after year this little seed will go on from its humble beginnings and keep growing. As long as it is getting fed by the soil and getting light from the sun, it will just keep shooting up higher and higher. One day though, it will reach a point where it can grow no more. Its top is in the clouds. It has stretched its limbs as far as they can go. When it reaches the point where it can grow no longer, it will start to breakdown and decay. Limbs will fall off. It might become hollow on the inside, still looking like a strong tree, but just waiting for the next big gust to blow it over and send it crashing to the ground.

Just like a tree, when we as Christians stop growing, we start to decay. No matter how hard we try to justify it, if we stop growing we will start to decay.  Paul urges the Thessalonians in 1 Thessalonians 4:1,9-10 to, even though they knew what they were supposed to be doing, and even though they were showing the love they were supposed to show people, to grow more and more in what they had been taught and what they were already doing.

We need to take this charge to heart today. Just because we know something or just because we are doing something does not mean that we should not be striving to gain more knowledge and to do more. I pray that each one of us tries to always be growing every day of our lives!

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