Of One Mind

where_ideas_come_from_show_artToday an article was posted on Foxnews about Duke University and their science department. What I read was amazing. They have linked two rats on different continents together in such a way that they were able to share the same brain waves. These rats would have a task set before them to complete. One rat would know how to do the job and the other would decode the brain waves sent by the first rat so that he too would be able to do the job and get the prize.

These rats did not start off understanding each other. It took a lot of training for them to know how to use each other’s thoughts to complete the task set before them. When they understood how the other thought they could do things without seeing and without hearing.  They could do things based purely on what the other wanted.

Being of the same mind is not something that is just for rats in a lab. Being connected to the  thoughts of another does not take high-tech equipment.  Understanding someone without hearing or seeing them was not an idea that science brought us.

We as Christians need to strive to be united with one another ( Philippians 1:27 ) . As Christians, if we are not of the same mind, we cannot effectively complete the task that is set before us . If we are not of the same mind we are not reflecting God the way we should.

The mind we are to be united under is the mind of God. To be of this mind we have to be connect to the source of information that God left us. This is not a computer that we have to hook up to and it does not take thousands of dollars in order to receive this information. All it takes is someone with the desire to understand God’s word. Someone who is willing to study. One should not go into study with the mindset of trying to prove his own ideas by the Bible.  Our purpose for study should be to understand God thoughts and make them our own.

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