Tick Tock

timeTime. It’s a concept we learn early on and one that we are constantly reminded of.  Everything is so time oriented today. In our culture we have a fast food mentality.  We want everything instantly, from our coffee to our music. If it cannot be gotten in seconds, often we will not bother with it at all. With this in mind, one would think that we have a good grasp on how fast, limited, and precious our time actually is. One would also think the reason we wanted things faster is so that we would have more time to use on the important stuff. Sadly, this is not the case.  In our lives we waste a lot of time on stuff that will not last beyond time.

We as Christians are called to use our lives for God. We all have a task to do. Serving God is not something that we should have to take time to do because it should be who we are all the time. One cannot schedule being a Christian and being a part of the church. It is who we are every single second yet there are those who still do not take their time here on earth seriously. James 4:13-14 teaches us how short life really is and how we should be striving to do God’s will instead of our own.

Every second that goes by two people die. I know this might seem dark and morbid to think about but it is something that each and every one of us needs to be aware of.  Deuteronomy 6:4-7 shows us that loving God is not just something that we do here or there but it is something that we do all the time, when we rise and when we lie down. Time is short and will not last forever. An individual life is even shorter. Let us each use the time that we have and not let those seconds go to waste.

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  1. You do such a great job with your posts 🙂

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