“Surprisingly Human”


While channel flipping the other day I was caught by surprise at Animal Planet’s catchphrase “Surprisingly Human.” At first this phrase might sound cute and sweet, but do we really know the implication behind it?

For us to say that “animals are surprisingly human” is basically saying humans and animals are surprisingly the same. Is this not what we have been taught in our schools and from our T.V’s all of our life?

We have been giving more rights to unborn animals and protecting them so that they have a chance, while at the same time we have taken away rights from our living, growing unborn children. Every time I think about the millions and millions of children we have murdered, I want to throw up.

When a society is brought up with this mindset there are some things that should not be a surprise to us.

  •  It should not surprise us:
    •   That respect for others is almost gone.
    • That we don’t care about our own life or others’ lives.
    • That the recent shootings in our movie theaters and our schools have occurred.

Now it might seem like I think that everything is going to the dogs but that is not what I’m saying.  As Christians, it should not surprise us to know that we can promote change in the world.  But what can one person do to change our surprisingly animal like world?

  • One can:
    •   Reflect Christ in all that they do ( Galatians 2:20).
    •  Show love to all ( Mathew 5:43-44).
    • Stand up for what they know is right ( Joshua 24:15).

We need to remember that we are not living like Christ in order to win an argument or prove a point, we’re trying to win souls.  If we as Christians remember whose image we are made in (Genesis 1:26-28; Genesis 9:6) and if we start reflecting His image every day, it should not surprise us when we see our society start to grow.

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