269942_question-markIt will happen, could even happen today, might not happen till next month, but it is unavoidable.What do you do when you get asked that question you don’t have an answer to?

I have many times, in my short life, tasted the leather of my boot when I find myself in a bind and don’t really know how to answer the question asked. Instead of being humble and admitting that I’m not all knowing on every bible topic, I would go ahead and answer on what I thought would be best. Most times, after I had more time to study on the matter, I found out that what I though best did not really line up with what God’s Word said.

In most circumstances like these it is tempting and easy just to go ahead and say what we think would be the best answer without really knowing what God has said on the matter. We should always strive to take that extra time, even if it means telling someone you don’t have an answer right now, and study more on that topic so we can be sure we are making a sound godly decision on the matter.

If we want to know how God would want us to react to something, we have to be in His Word. If we want to know the truth of a matter we have to know where truth comes from. God’s truth is in His word (John 17:17). For us to be His, we have to know what that truth is.

Let us strive to be like those of Berea ( Acts 17:11) and search the scripture daily and not just when we are asked that tough question. For if we are in the Bible daily when the time comes to answer questions on Bible topics we will be more prepared.

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