Am I Invisible?


I was reading a short story the other day. This article was talking about how in “theory”, we are not that far away from being able to have some form of invisibility cloaking. How awesome is that! Just to think that in a few years when I go to the store to buy my new winter coat the clerk will turn to me and ask, “brown, black, or invisible”. I already know all the trouble I would get myself into with my own personal invisibility cloak.

Not only would it help out the jokester in me, but being able to become unseen at any given moment is a great temptation. Being able to hide away from the whole world and not have to go through difficult or awkward conversations, or being able to pass through a crowded place without ever being seen would make life easier at times. But then I thought to myself, “Don’t I do that now ?”

Do we, as we go through our day to day life, sometimes try and put an invisibility cloak over our Christianity?  When we find ourselves in a situation where being a Christian would make things more difficult for us, what do we do?  When we find ourselves unwilling to speak up about our views because we might have to answer questions about them, do we just wrap ourselves in the comfort of our invisibility cloak?

Sometimes the biggest temptation is not committing some act of unrighteousness but not acting on our righteousness. We as Christians, are called to not just hear God’s word but do it (James 1:22). Being a child of God is more than just accepting His Word cognitively. It is letting what you know in your mind drive your daily actions.

We are to be the light of the world (Mathew 5:14-16). Let us stop hiding that light under our invisibility cloak and start showing what a child of God looks like to all, so that they too can give glory to Him! So today and every day, let’s leave our invisibility cloak behind; it’s not like they would be hard to misplace.

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